About Awesome Adventures News

Awesome Adventures News offers you a one stop website for adventure travel in the Nev ada and Utah Areas. We will be expanding and growing, so expect to see information about other states coming soon. Read this article to help you navigate our website, and show you all the great things we have to offer.

TOP MENU: The top menu of this site will help you navigate your way to great adventure travel.

HOME PAGE: on the home page you will find, at the top just below the menu, a slideshow featuring the latest and greatest additions to the site. Links to the information are located just below the images.

Below that you will find the Featured Video and Featured Photos. These items will link out to more information about those items.

Next you will find Upcoming Events that will tell you all about exciting events happening in your area.

Virtual Maps will give you the experience of flying your way through an adventure without ever leaving your home.

Featured Articles on the Home Page will include news, special offers, stories from other adventure travelers, and more.

Be sure to check out the Banner Ads on the right hand side for more Adventure Travel Offers.


This section will offer information about specific areas, with sub categories of Lodging, Attractions, Recreation and Things to do, and Shopping and Services. Be sure  to check out the bottom of each listing in this section for any Special Offers related to that listing.

ARTICLES: This section will feature articles in all the different categories, and many of them are provided to us by regular people who want to share the stories of their great adventures.

EVENTS: This section will feature Upcoming Events in Nevada and Utah that appeal to adventure minded people. Races, Jamborees, Hiking, Obstacle Courses, and more.

DEALS and CONTESTS: This is probably the most popular section of the website. Here you will find information from area businesses that offer Special Offers for Adventure Travel or Contests to win FREE Adventure Activities and Travel. Check back often because this section is updated each time a business has a special deal.

MAPS: This section will offer printable maps for hiking, boating, and off road travel, as well as 'virtual maps' that will take you on a video journey of select locations.