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Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree

Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree


The 21st annual Rocky Mountain ATV/UTV Jamboree will take place in Richfield Utah at the Richfield City Park Monday September 16-Saturday, September 21.

Mark your calendars now and get ready to enjoy this amazing jamboree offering several different rides with varying levels of difficulty

First and foremost, please make your lodging reservations early. If you need additional information about area hotels, motels and RV Parks, just visit the the Sevier County Lodging Page.

The Jamboree rides will take place at altitudes from 5,300 feet to nearly 12,000 feet above sea level so please tune up your wheeler for those conditions before your arrival. You may want to call your local dealer to find out if any re-jetting or other modifications need to be made to your machine before your visit.

 Each registered rider assumes the responsibility for being properly trained and outfitted as well as taking responsibility for his or her own safety and well being. Registered riders also have the responsibility for being properly insured.

Choose your rides carefully, according to your abilities and the rating given with each ride description. There are a number of rides that require that you transport your machine to other locations with the group. This allows you to see more of Utah's trails and keeps our ride groups at a manageable size. This also spreads the whole group over a larger area, providing for less intense use of local trails. If you prefer, there are plenty of rides originating out of Richfield that do not require transporting your machine.

We will have individual credentials for each rider during check-in at the Richfield City Park on Monday morning, September 17th. Keep your credentials with you at all times - they will identify you as a registered rider and will allow admission to your rides as well as all other Jamboree events, prize drawings, meals, etc.

Bring warm clothing and rain gear in case of unexpected cooler or wet weather. September is an ideal time to ride the trail but nights on the mountain can be somewhat cold, and weather can change without warning.

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