Suzuki King Quad

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Suzuki  King Quad

Suzuki  King Quad

Suzuki  King Quad

Suzuki  King Quad

From the Manufacturer:

For performance that rules, you can’t beat the Suzuki KingQuad 400 lineup. The KingQuad 400ASi (Automatic) offers an unrivaled combination of exciting sport performance and hard-working capabilities. The 2012 has Suzuki’s class-leading fuel injection and all-new digital speedometers.

So whether you’re tackling a tough job or a tough trail, you’ll appreciate their impressive torque and remarkably wide powerband. It also lets you select two or four-wheel drive operation quickly and conveniently, which gives it the versatility to handle rough conditions, daunting chores — or let you enjoy a backwoods getaway. Its aggressive styling also rkingquadspecseflects its willingness to take on tough jobs.

KingQuad 400ASi: with a strong powerplant engineered for impressive torque across a wide powerband and a technically advanced QuadMatic™ transmission, the Suzuki King Quad 400ASi 4x4 Automaticoffers exciting sport performance matched by hard-working capabilities.

Visit the Suzuki Website for more information.

Purchase a King Quad from Moto Zoo in St. George, Utah.

Moto Zoo St George, UT

From Jill of Awesome Adventures/Adventure Glide:

Awesome Adventures ATV Tour with Suzuki King QuadBy far the best off road ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE we have ever used for our tour equipment!”

After being in the ATV tour business for 8 years plus and riding ATV equipment since before I could even ride a bicycle I would like to say I am pretty knowledgeable about the subject (and old).

I own and operate Awesome Adventures and Adventure Glide LLC  out of South Central Utah and Southern Nevada (Las Vegas). I am open 7 days a week and 363 days per year closing on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I operate anywhere from 2 to 5 tours per day each tour riding from 15 to 20 miles plus on all different types of terrain. Each tour will have on an average 10 to 20 Suzuki ATV’s on the trail. In general a lot of hours, and a lot of miles. I cannot say enough about this product, the dependability, the durability, the ease of operation is all outstanding.

With general maintenance of these machines such as oil changes and air filters, I can honestly say you can get tens of thousands of miles! That is not an exaggeration. This is January 2012, and I have some Suzuki Machines still out on the trail working as hard as they did when they were brand new in 2007-2008 with 40,000 (yes I said it) 40 THOUSAND miles on them if not more. Now that is dependability!

Awesome Adventures ATV Tour with Suzuki King QuadThe durability of these ATV’s is phenomenal. Once again I need to remind you I operate an ATV tour company. My guests have not all ridden before and for some this is the first mechanical machine they have ever been on. Then there are the other customers who have ridden before, and need I say more? These bikes are ridden hard, they get wrecked, rolled, rear ended, abused and they keep on riding. Mind you my on staff mechanic has job stability, as keeping up with ensuring the safety is always the main concern. These hardworking ATV’s start up every time! Even with all the miles, they look fantastic, and impress our guests with every use.

Now after reading I think you all have got the picture, new riders, never ridden an ATV before…. Well let me tell you.

Suzuki made the operation of their machines fool proof. Every person that goes out on my tour is given a brief safety spiel and also is taught how to ride an ATV. So from where they need to sit, place their weight, lean and move, to the mechanical operations of the machine, this is all gone over prior to them operating the machine. I have had all genders, ethnic groups, people from all different countries and ages ranging from 16 years old to an 80 year old grandma out on my tours. Yes, she was out with her grandson and I quote her when she finished the ride “this is the best thing I have ever done in my life! I am going to buy one for me and my grandson” . This machine being fully automatic, 4 wheel drive, comfortable and stable while on any terrain, and ease of operation makes it the perfect ATV for all!

To see these Suzuki machines out on tour, please check out Awesome Adventures on Facebook,  there are daily pictures of these ATV’s hard at work.

I hope my product review will help you in your final decision of what ATV to purchase.

Awesome Adventures Website