Liquid Logic Versa Board

on Wednesday, 17 April 2013. Posted in Product Reviews

From the Manufacturer:

The Versa board is the first stand-up-paddle board of its kind: a paddle board with complete hybrid paddling capabilities. It functions superbly as a SUP (stand-up-paddleboard) and fluidly as a SOT (sit-on-top). Sport options range from a hardcore angler’s favorite fishing vessel, to a play machine and diving platform for the whole human and canine family, to a tread mill for core training. With a spring loaded skeg system controlled with a simple lever, the versa board flips from agile turner in tight areas to a true tracking craft. The double tunnel design feature gives bomber stability even to the novice stand-up paddler. The hidden keel adds extra strength to the board and helps with the tracking, but doesn't get caught up on shallow rocks, reefs, and sand bars because of its shallow 3" draft. The Versa board is not just an SUP or SOT it's a stable gateway to great play on lakes, rivers, and oceans. All of which you can easily get the Versa Board to using the awesome Tag Along Wheel! We have developed so many accessories for the Versa board it can be whatever you want it to be-- à la carte seating, storage, and deck-mounting options help you achieve your goal.

Length: 12' 3 "   Width: 33"   Weight of Board: 53 lbs   Paddler Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Available Colors:


From Stoney, a happy customer:

This is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased. It lets me go from sit-down kayaking to Stand Up Paddleboarding in a matter of seconds. I can be standing up paddling along, then decide it's time to take some weight off my feet and sit down and relax. I simply fold the seat up, sit down, store the Stand Up Paddle in the holder, pull the standard kayak paddle out, and I'm on my way.

I have used this for Fishing and it is just perfect. Plenty of room for my gear, stable enough to stand up or sit down, and moving to a new spot is quick and easy.

I also take along my snorkel gear quite often for those moments when I want to stop and check out the underwater world for a while.

I have even taken my dog on this board, and she loves the smooth, quiet ride, and the ability to jump in and
swim and get back on the board with no problems.

So far I have paddled on several coves on Lake Mead, and just recently the Virgin River in Overton. The Virgin River has a bit of a current to it, and this board handled it all great.

I highly recomment the Liquid Logic Board for anyone who wants a hybrid board, it's the best one out there.

From Stoney's Wife:

Despite being married to Mr. Adventure himself, nobody that knows me would ever call me MRS. Adventure...I prefer to do my surfing on the web. However, I do enjoy kayaking and I agreed to try out this new toy of Stoney's, despite the fact that balancing is not one of my strong points.

I have to agree that this board is very stable, and very easy to change from standing up to sitting down, without the fear of tipping over and ending up underwater. And yes, I can swim just fine and quite enjoy a dip in the water when it's hot outside, but I tried this in November when the air temperature was still tolerable but the water temperature was a little cool for my taste. I managed to not only get on the board and stand up and balance for a few moments, but also go from standing up to sitting down without tipping over, and without anyone holding on to it.

Our daughter used this board with no problem, she paddled out much further than I did (well, since I stayed within 36" of the shoreline, that didn't take much!) and she too was able to switch from standing up to sitting down with no problems.

We both liked the ease of switching the paddles out and the on board storage features.

From Awesome Adventures:

We have now been using the Liquid Logic Versa Boards for a little over 6 months, and we have to say, our customers are thrilled with them. The versatility of this board is perfect for tours, because it allows the customers to choose their level of comfort, Stand Up Paddling or Sit Down Kayaking. Most customers end up utilizing both styles of paddling, and switching from one to the other is as easy as switching out the paddles.

Check out the photos from some of our tours on the right side of this page.

Visit the Liquid Logic Versa Board Website

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