Moapa Valley OHV Roundup 2015

on Monday, 04 January 2016. Posted in Events, Off Road, Organizations and Associations

Moapa Valley OHV Roundup 2015

November 13 marked the first bi-annual Moapa Valley OHV Roundup. Three days of off roading on the Logandale Trails just on the outskirts of one of Nevada’s most famous state parks, the Valley of Fire.

Participants enjoyed endless miles of the logandale trails together for three days. Big groups and small groups were spotted all throughout the trails. “You just don’t see this type of comradery in other places amongst OHV enthusiast in other riding communities and regions,” says Stoney Ward (event organizer). “People from all around, California, Las Vegas, Arizona and Utah traveled to be here and they were all excited to be here and Play in Our Dirt.”

On the last night of the event motor heads geared up for the most anticipated challenge of the three days. The hill climb. Vehicles lined up everywhere waiting for their turn to cruise up the hills at phenomenal speeds to for their shot at winning the grand prize- A two night cabin stay at Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort. Second place took home free whitewater rafting at Big Rock and third place won 2 passes to the amazing zipline and ropes course in Overton, Nevada.

The Moapa Valley Revitalization Project (MVRP) and Awesome Adventures work hard together to pull off this impressive event that brought hundreds of people fort he weekend to enjoy free live music, great food, and a shared passion for offroading.

The next event to look forward to is on March 25-27, 2016. We look forward to seeing you then!

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